Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol addiction is a disease that can begin in adolescence and last a lifetime; it can prove ruinous to relationships, health, and finances alike. Recovery is a journey, and not always an easy one—but the crucial first step is obtaining help at a clinical alcohol rehab facility.

Drug Rehab

Contrary to the image of drug abuse as an epidemic of the streets, addiction to narcotics is increasingly common even among the well-educated and affluent. Whether the addiction in question is to cocaine, meth, heroin, or something else altogether, personalized drug rehab is typically the only way toward recovery.

Prescription Drug Rehab

Addiction to prescription drugs has been called a true epidemic. More and more doctors are recognizing opiate addiction as a public health crisis, and what starts off as reasonable pain management can quickly spiral into a life-destroying vice. Prescription drug rehab is the best and often only path to freedom and recovery.

Rehab Programs

Once addiction gets a grip on you, that grip can be tough to shake—especially when you’re fighting all on your own. The first step toward getting your life back is to admit that you need help, and to seek that help from a professional drug and alcohol rehab center.

Detox Programs

Detoxing on your own can prove painful and ineffective—but we’re happy to offer full on-site detox, which ensures an expedient process and also minimizes your discomfort. Allow our trained addiction specialists to help you make the first steps toward recovery.

Treatment Methods

No two patients are ever alike, and as such, our treatment methods can vary. We offer 12-step and non-12-step programs alike, and also provide fully holistic programs that encompass nutrition, exercise, and beyond. Learn more about our varied treatment methods today.