Addiction is an equal opportunity offender. It affects men and women; it affects people of all races and ethnicities; it affects the wealthy and the poor, the educated and the uneducated. And while addiction can come to different people in different forms, the impact of this disease is consistent: It wrecks relationships, ruins health, and destroys lives.

That’s why we are passionate about providing hope and healing to those who live in addiction’s grip—and, crucially, to the family members of those who are addicted. We serve the Orange County, California area with a wide range of services in alcohol rehab, drug rehab, prescription drug rehab, detox, and more.

We have several facilities—a pool house locale, a beach view locale, and more—and at each of our facilities we emphasize comfort. Ours are true luxury facilities, with a wealth of amenities, including private rooms. We take pride in offering truly serene, tranquil environments in which our clients can focus on their health.

More important still: Our facilities are relentlessly focused on providing compassionate care. We customize our treatment approach to meet a specific client’s needs, which means we might or might not enlist a 12-step program. Always, what we offer is holistic and medically sound. We have a full team of doctors and medical caregivers, including seasoned medical professionals on staff at each location, 24/7.

The bottom line: We want to help you get better in the quickest, safest way possible—and to start living a life of true hope.

We want to join you in your fight against addiction, and to provide you with the treatment you need to win it. We want to improve lives and to bring healing to families that need it. To learn more about our services in drug rehab, prescription drug rehab, and alcohol rehab, reach out to us today.