Treatment Methods

Physician and NurseAddiction is a disease—and as such, it requires an approach to treatment that is informed by medicine yet rooted in human compassion. More than anything, treatment methods must be variable according to the needs of the individual. They must be customized to meet the patient’s specific physical and emotional needs, and the condition of the addiction.

No two patients are ever the same, and as such no two addiction treatments should be. The process must always begin with a medical evaluation and the formation of a personalized plan of action—a blueprint for how treatment should proceed.

Detox is an essential part of addiction treatment. It is square one for recovery. On-site detox is recommended because medical professionals can be on hand to ensure that it is done as safely—yet also as quickly and effectively—as possible.

Addiction treatment methods can vary from 12-step to non-12-step, from religious to irreligious. They should always be holistic, however, and take a big-picture view of physical and mental health. Nutrition, exercise, and emotional wellbeing should always factor in.

Effective addiction treatment also considers relapse. The reality is that most addicts will relapse at some point on their road to recovery. What matters is identifying potential relapse triggers and coming up with a plan to avoid them; and, ensuring that the patient has confidence to move past a relapse and continue down the road to recovery.

For those who live in the Orange County area, there are plenty of addiction treatment options to choose from—and no reason at all why it should be anything less than a comfortable and nurturing experience.

It all begins with your decision to seek treatment. No matter the nature of your addiction—alcohol addiction, drug addiction, or prescription painkiller addiction—contact us today to learn more about recovery options in Orange County.